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What is "Gochisou Beef"?

Experience culinary luxury with "Gochisou Beef" – our premium Wagyu brand, thoughtfully created for your convenience and enjoyment. Elevate your dining with the superior taste of Japanese Black Wagyu, a true delicacy delivered to your table by Shinmura Livestock.
We are actively engaged in the development of various products, with a primary focus on frozen processed foods utilizing Japanese Black Wagyu. Our commitment to excellence drives our ongoing efforts in product innovation.

Gochisou Beef

Black Wagyu Steak Bun/Frozen

【Microwave Cooking】
We have prepared ample slices of black wagyu shoulder loin into diced steaks, generously mixed with onions and a sweet and savory soy sauce. These steaks are then wrapped in a soft, chewy dough and steamed to perfection. This results in a voluminous original Chinese-style bun.

Black Wagyu Beef Curry with Plenty of Tendon/Frozen

【Microwave Cooking】
A beloved specialty from Shinmura Livestock. Our slow-cooked black wagyu beef tendon curry is made by first roasting the beef tendon and then simmering it until tender, resulting in a richly flavorful curry with a mild spiciness.

Black Wagyu Beef Rice Bowl, Frozen

【Microwave Cooking】
The umami of black wagyu beef and shiitake mushrooms is enhanced by Kagoshima's sweet soy sauce. Feel free to add green onions or pickled ginger according to your preference.

Gochiso Beef Taste Comparison Set/Frozen

【Microwave Cooking】
This popular set offers a taste of all the premium beef dishes: Black Wagyu steak buns, Curry brimming with Black Wagyu beef tendon, and Black Wagyu beef rice bowl. Highly recommended for gifts and more.

Black Wagyu Beef Croquette/Frozen

【Heat Cooking】
We proudly present our nostalgia-infused croquettes, a hallmark of our specialized butcher shop, brimming with generous portions of Black Wagyu beef mince. With the convenience of frying directly from frozen, they promise to elevate tonight's meal to a culinary delight.

Kagoshima Black Wagyu Beef Curry/Room Temperature

【Retort Products】
This curry offers a rich flavor crafted through meticulous simmering of carefully nurtured Kagoshima Black Wagyu beef and vegetables. Packaged for room temperature storage, it is ideal for gifting or as a pantry staple.

Kagoshima Black Wagyu Beef Furikake/Room Temperature

A delicious furikake with a sukiyaki-style twist, featuring rice complemented by the savory flavor of Kagoshima Black Wagyu beef powder, meticulously nurtured for exquisite taste.
Just a sprinkle over your regular rice instantly elevates it to a touch of luxury. Adding a carefully placed egg yolk further enhances its richness, taking its deliciousness up a notch.

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Yakiniku sauce/shabu-shabu soup stock

Grilled Meat “Yakiniku” Sauce

The Shinmura Chikusan yakiniku sauce comes in a traditional bottled form, reminiscent of the old days.
Each bottle is carefully handcrafted to perfection.
Our yakiniku sauce is not only popular for grilling meat but also receives praise for various dishes such as stir-fried vegetables and marinating.

【Miso Flavor】
We've crafted a savory sauce that evokes nostalgia with its rich barley miso base, complemented by the natural sweetness of vegetables, fruits, and brown sugar, enhancing the flavors of the meat.

【Soy Sauce Flavor】
Infused with the richness of dark soy sauce and complemented by the sweetness of aromatic vegetables and fruits, our sauce is meticulously crafted to deliver a nuanced and deeply satisfying flavor profile.

Grilled Meat Sauce

・Miso Flavor
・Soy Sauce Flavor
・Grilled Meat Sauce Duo Set (1 Miso, 1 Soy Sauce).

・Shabu-Shabu Soup Stock

Crafted from the finest bonito flakes sourced from Makurazaki, this dashi-infused light soy sauce serves as the base. Enhanced with shiitake mushroom and kelp stock, this meticulously prepared broth embodies the essence of meat flavor, meticulously diluted to five times the concentration by Shinmura Chikusan’s dedication.
Delight in this rich broth by dipping your choice of meat and preferred vegetables for a refined dining experience.

Fresh Meat Products

Shinmura's Spicy Grilled Dish “Shinmura’s Tantan-yaki”

【Heat Cooking】
A blend of beef, beef and pork offal, pork tongue, pork skirt, and chicken thigh. Enhanced with Shinmura's signature sauce, boasting a tantalizingly spicy flavor profile that complements sake and rice exquisitely. Stir-fry alongside vegetables, and for a delightful variation, consider using the remaining sauce to prepare "Tantan Yakisoba"!

「The Original Offal Hot Pot “Ganso Motsu Nabe” Hakataya」×「Shinmura Chikusan’s Fresh Meat Specialty Store」The Supreme Offal Hot Pot Set

【Heat Cooking】
"Ganso Motsunabe Hakataya" embodies the unwavering dedication of craftsmen who have preserved the original taste since its inception without compromise. Our secret soy sauce-based broth, along with the fresh and delectable hormone mix from "Shinmura Chikusan," a specialist in raw meats directly managed by the farm, forms the foundation. This collaboration, forged from our longstanding relationship, has birthed the "Supreme Offal Hot Pot Set (serving 5 to 6)" – a testament to our commitment to excellence. Prepare an abundance of vegetables to effortlessly enjoy delicious motsunabe at home.