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Export Business

From the southernmost point of the mainland, Kagoshima to the world

Kagoshima Prefecture is home to the best Japanese Black Wagyu in Japan. In the livestock hub of Kimotsuki, we raise “Shinmura Wagyu” with meticulous care and dedication. From superior feed to pristine water, every detail contributes to its exceptional quality. Now, we're expanding distribution from Kagoshima to share the exquisite taste of Shimmura Wagyu with Japan and the world.

You can specify the cut and style of your choice!

We offer options for whole and half animal purchases, as well as the flexibility for specific cuts and styles. To ensure we meet your preferences, we conduct thorough consultations and deliver accordingly. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we look forward to discussing your requirements in detail for a seamless transaction.

Japanese Black Wagyu Store「Shinmura Ranch」

Opened on June 22, 2019, a Shinmura Wagyu specialty store is now available on the B3 floor inside City Super at Taiwan's SOGO Fuxing Store, offering imported and curated selections.
n addition to selling block meat, gifts, and a variety of bento options, we've created a comfortable dining experience with a seating capacity of four.

Since November 2019, we have exported our own “Natsuhonoka” rice, known for its freshness and natural sweetness, gradually gaining popularity in Taiwan.

Experience, savor, and share Kagoshima Prefecture’s finest black wagyu beef and “Natsuhonoka” polished rice. Enjoy the essence and share the delight.

Far Eastern SOGO Taipei Fuxing Building

Situated approximately 1 hour away by taxi from Taipei Taoyuan Airport, the turquoise-green building serves as a prominent landmark.
When descending from the main entrance escalator to B3, you will find it immediately on your left.

Business Hours

【Department Store】
Monday to Thursday, Sunday, and public holidays / 11:00~21:30
Friday, Saturday, and the day before public holidays / 11:00~22:00

【B2 Din Tai Fung (Restaurant) / Hsin Tung Yang】
Monday to Thursday, Sunday, and public holidays / 10:00~21:30
Friday, Saturday, and the day before public holidays / 10:00~22:00

【B3 City Super / Snacks & Deli】
Monday to Thursday, Sunday, and public holidays / 09:00~21:30
Friday, Saturday, and the day before public holidays / 09:00~22:00


No. 300, Section 3, Zhongxiao E Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106
TEL.(02) 2776 - 5555 (Main Line) Toll-Free 0800-212002

Access via MRT
■Take Exit 2 at Zhongxiao Fuxing Station on the Bannan Line and Wenhu Line

Access via Bus
■Zhongxiao East Road: 204, 204 (Local), 212, 212(Express), 212 (Night), 232, 232 (Sub), 262, 262 (Local), 299, 605, 605 (Sub), 605 (New Taipei Route 5), Zhongxiao Express 919, 600
■Fuxing South Road: 685, 74, 521, 903

Access via Car
■Near the intersection of Zhongxiao East Road and Fuxing South Road
Parking facilities are provided on B4F to B6F - Opening Hours: 9:00 AM to 10:30 PM
Parking: 30 minutes free for every 500 NTD purchase on the same day
Parking Ticket Redemption Locations: 9F VIP Room in Fuxing Building, B2F Service Counter, B3 City'super Service Counter.