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Fresh Meat Store (Main Store and Miyakonojo Branch)

At Shinmura Livestock Meat Store, we primarily sell Japanese Black Wagyu, along with Berkshire pork, domestically raised pork, domestically raised chicken, and processed products. Furthermore, you can also purchase locally sourced fresh vegetables, our in-house cultivated rice, and premium beef series products also known as the Gochisou Beef series.

Kimotsuki Main Store

Miyakonojo Branch

Special Monthly Sale (Only at Kimotsuki Main Store)

Kimotsuki Main Store At Shinmura Ranch, Kimotsuki Main Store, our butcher shop hosts a monthly special sale. One highlight is the annual 'Birthday Festival' held every March, drawing a significant customer turnout. As an expression of gratitude to our customers for their continued patronage, this festival brings exclusive discounts and unique offers not to be missed.

Gift Products

Indulge in the perfect gift for every occasion with our exquisite selection of Japanese Black Wagyu and Berkshire pork, tailored for various culinary delights such as steak, yakiniku, sukiyaki, shabu-shabu, and more. We offer nationwide delivery through refrigerated and frozen options, ensuring the freshness of our products. You can also enjoy the convenience of having our in-store items shipped directly to your doorstep. Feel free to inquire and elevate your gifting experience with our premium offerings.

Shinmura Livestock Online Shop

We accept orders 24/7 through our online platform!

Shinmura Livestock Online Shop